CSF members are responsible for the creation of thousands of high-tech jobs driven by billions of dollars in investment. Through the promotion of technology innovation, CSF is guiding the expansion of Earth’s economic sphere, bolstering U.S. leadership in aerospace, and inspiring America’s next generation of engineers and explorers.

Message from the President

“CSF believes that building industry consensus on critical issues amplifies our collective voice and compounds the value and strength of individual company’s voices. We are pleased to count more than 85 commercial space companies and educational institutions among our members, and we will continue to grow as a leading voice and resource for the industry. Working together, we can make routine, affordable commercial spaceflight a reality.”

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The member organizations of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation have privileged access to:
  • Semi annual meetings of industry principles, allowing executives to efficiently address pressing issues and make decisions at the highest level
  • Technical and policy committees of industry experts and CEOs
  • Proprietary Commercial Spaceflight Federation research, analysis, and industry insider reports on a variety of technical, regulatory, and policy issues
  • Private events, receptions, and closed-doors discussions with senior government officials
  • Commercial Spaceflight Federation contacts within Congress, FAA, NASA, DoD, the State Department, and other federal agencies.

Currently, more than 85 businesses and organizations are members of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation.

Executive Members include commercial spaceflight developers, operators and spaceports. 

Associate Members include suppliers supporting commercial spaceflight, with recent members including suppliers of mission support services and suppliers of training, medical and life-support products and services. 

Executive Members

  • Includes all Associate membership benefits as well as an exclusive seat on the CSF Board of Directors and potential to serve on the Executive Committee
  • Includes a diverse membership of leading commercial space companies: launch operators, spaceports, and satellite manufacturers, operators and developers

Associate Members

  • Provides access to and opportunity to participate on the CSF committees
  • Access to semiannual, CSF-exclusive members meetings and other summits
  • Regular briefings and email updates regarding emerging developments
  • Business development opportunities with leading industry executives as well as members of different government agencies throughout the executive and legislative branches
  • Input on regulatory policy, safety, and strategic engagement with Executive branch agencies and Congress
  • Coordinated outreach to Congress, Executive branch agencies, researchers, the public, and other industry stakeholders on a consistent basis
  • Policy and legislative advocacy to increase funding for government initiatives that better utilize the commercial space industry
  • Special invitations and access to CSF hosted events
  • Inclusion of your company’s logo on our website and at CSF events

Research and Education Affiliates

Increasing access to competitive research and technology development platforms, from the edge of space to low-Earth orbit and beyond, provides students a critical tool for their workforce development and training to become the United States next generation of space scientists and engineers. In addition, it provides university researchers with access to the cutting-edge platforms and quick turnaround times necessary to be the leader in their field of study.

To better keep the Nation’s students and researchers plugged into the latest advancements and opportunities going on in our industry, CSF has opened up its membership to Universities, educational and student nonprofits, and other research and educational institutions as Research and Education Affiliates.

Membership benefits include:
  • Regular updates on industry developments in the CSF quarterly newsletter
  • Access to the REM Members Only section of the CSF website
  •  Regular updates on educational/university specific suborbital opportunities
  •  Possibility for Collaboration with Executive and Associate Member Companies for research and projects
  •  Access to CSF staff’s significant expertise
  •  Your institution’s logo included on the REM website
  •  Access to REM member preferred internships
  • Invitation to join CSF Ambassadors Webinars and Meetings

Apply for Membership

Please contact us for all membership inquiries and applications.

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