Sovaris Aerospace, LLC


Sovaris Aerospace is pioneering the advancement of personalized precision medicine for humans in space. Using standard aerospace medicine as a foundation, Sovaris applies complex molecular profiling (integrated omics: genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, microbiomics, etc.), data analytics, and derived countermeasures to optimize the ability of humans to travel, live, and work in space. Sovaris Aerospace currently applies its assessment/countermeasures approach to elite performers on Earth, including Olympic, NFL, NBA, Special Forces, mountain climbers, professional racers (Le Mans, F1), and others. Sovaris presently collaborates with various performance groups, including NASA, the US Army Combat Feeding Directorate, USARIEM, Naval Medical Research Unit (NAMRU), West Point, Mayo Clinic, Baylor College of Medicine Center for Space Medicine, and other groups focused on human assessment and countermeasures in extreme environments.


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