The trade association of a new, high-tech
industry that is:

  • creating thousands of high-tech jobs
  • driven by over $1.5 billion of investment
  • preserving US leadership in aerospace technology
  • inspiring young people to pursue science & engineering
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Press Releases

CSF President Eric Stallmer Reflects on the Five Year Anniversary of President Obama’s Speech at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center
April 15, 2015
Colorado Springs, CO – It was only five years ago today that President Barack Obama visited NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida and laid out his vision for the future of American space exploration. President Obama spoke of accelerating innovation in the private sector, and five ... More »
Commercial Spaceflight Federation Announces New Members
March 12, 2015
Washington D.C. – The Commercial Spaceflight Federation is excited to announce the addition of two new Executive members and one Associate member. “The commercial spaceflight industry is innovating and developing at an ever-increasing pace,” stated CSF President Eric Stallmer. “With the recent expansion of membership, ... More »
The Commercial Spaceflight Federation Congratulates World View On Its First Commercial Flight With NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program
March 10, 2015
Washington D.C. – The Commercial Spaceflight Federation congratulates World View for the successful completion of their first commercial research flight with NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate’s (STMD) Flight Opportunities Program. On Sunday, March 8, the high-altitude balloon spaceflight system floated two experiments to the edge ... More »