Mary Guenther

VP of Space Policy

Mary Guenther is the Vice President of Space Policy of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. CSF is the leading national trade association for the commercial space industry, with 90 member companies and organizations across the United States. CSF is focused on laying the foundation for a sustainable space economy and democratizing access to space for scientists, students, civilians, and businesses.

At CSF, Guenther leads the policy development and lobbying efforts, where she is focused on promoting policies that enable fair and open competition, spur innovation, and expand public-private partnerships.

Before joining CSF, Guenther served as a Professional Staff Member at the Senate Commerce Committee. In that position, she was responsible for developing and moving space, manufacturing, and science legislation through the Congress as well as performing oversight on NASA, NSF, NIST, FAA AST, and the DOC Office of Space Commerce. She was integral to the Senate passage of the United States Innovation and Competition Act, which incorporated the NASA Authorization Act of 2019.

Commercial Spaceflight Federation