Dr. Mary Lynne Dittmar

Axiom Space
CSF Officer

A national influence in space policy and programs for more than two decades, Dr. Mary Lynne Dittmar directs Axiom’s work with local, state, and federal government authorities as their Executive Vice President for Government Affairs. As Axiom is a key partner in NASA’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Commercialization strategy, enabling not only economic development of LEO but also the exploration of deep space, she liaises directly as a thought leader with the U.S. government’s executive and legislative branches.

Dr. Dittmar founded and was most recently President & CEO of the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration, an industry trade group of more than 60 companies supporting NASA’s programs in human exploration and science and promoting space commerce and the development of space technology. Her previous experience includes roles as Senior Policy Advisor for the ISS National Laboratory, Member of the Board of Directors at the American Astronautical Society, and managing the Flight Operations Group and serving as the Chief Scientist for Commercial Payloads on the ISS Program at Boeing.

The most consequential committees in the space industry count Dr. Dittmar as a member: the National Space Council Users’ Advisory Group, the FAA’s Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC), and the Executive Committee for the Space Studies Board of the National Academies of Science (6-year term ends May, 2021). A holder of B.A. and M.A. degrees in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Human Factors from the University of Cincinnati, she is also Fellow of the National Research Society and an Associate Fellow of AIAA and previously served on the National Research Council’s Committee on Human Spaceflight.

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