University of Colorado Boulder – Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences


Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the University of Colorado Boulder has an awe-inspiring view from campus. But it’s CU Boulder’s 150 academic fields and research capabilities that make it such a draw for students, faculty, and industry.

CU Boulder is home to a Top 10 nationally-ranked aerospace engineering education program: Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences. As the #1 public university recipient of NASA research funds, CU Boulder leads the national aerospace research agenda while preparing its graduates to join the aerospace & defense (A&D) workforce. In fact, Aviation Week’s 2017 Workforce Study designated CU Boulder a “preferred supplier” of talent to the A&D industry. Smead Aerospace’s curriculum emphasizes a hands-on learning approach that engages students in design projects starting in their freshman year, so when they enter the workforce they have the skills and know-how to hit the ground running on top of their in-depth, foundational engineering knowledge. CU Boulder and Smead Aerospace also serve as an industry partner in basic and applied research, providing testbed capabilities and helping industry achieve its research needs.

Boulder, Colorado was named the #1 college town, and CU Boulder named #1 in innovation for 2017, by the American Institute for Economic Research.

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