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Eric Stallmer: Commercial space crawling now, soon will walk, run
May 17 via The Orlando Sentinel
Boarding the Commercial Space Bus
April 21 via SpaceNews
FAA Review a Small Step for Lunar Commercialization Efforts
February 6 via SpaceNews
Private space: Don’t overreact to recent mishaps
November 8 via Florida Today
Twin Failures Draw Attention To Regulator’s Limited Resources
November 7 via Space News
Private space official: No “knee-jerk” reactions to accidents yet
November 4 via Houston Chronicle
New at the top: Eric Stallmer is new Commercial Spaceflight Federation chief
September 7 via Washington Post
Texas, SpaceX announce spaceport deal near Brownsville
August 4 via Houston Chronicle
Space Business Rising, Experts Say
July 28 via EE Times
SXSW V2V: New Space - Yes, You Can Go To The Moon
July 20 via Blogcritics