Research and Education Affiliates

Researchers, engineers, students, and educators will be among the primary beneficiaries of the new generation of low-cost commercial spacecraft, as space payload opportunities grow. Universities, educational and student nonprofits, and other research and educational institutions are now eligible to become Research and Education Affiliates of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation (CSF). The following institutions have joined with the Federation as REM Affiliates to become part of the commercial spaceflight community and gain a front seat in this exciting new sector:

Some of the benefits of joining include:

  • Regular updates on industry developments in the CSF quarterly newsletter
  • Quarterly REM call with CSF staff
  • Access to the REM Members Only section of the CSF website
  • Regular updates on educational/university specific suborbital opportunities
  • Access to CSF staff’s significant expertise
  • Your institution’s logo included on the REM website
  • Access to REM member preferred internships and event calendar
  • Invitation to join CSF Suborbital Applications Researchers Group (SARG) meetings

For more information: Contact Sirisha Bandla at