Commercial Spaceflight Federation (CSF) members are the leading businesses and organizations working to make commercial human spaceflight a reality.

The member organizations of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation have privileged access to:

  • Twice-yearly meetings of industry principals, allowing executives to efficiently address pressing issues and make decisions at the highest level
  • Technical and policy committees of industry experts and CEO’s
  • Proprietary Commercial Spaceflight Federation research, analysis, and industry insider reports on a variety of technical, regulatory, and policy issues
  • Private events, receptions, and closed-doors discussions with senior government officials
  • Commercial Spaceflight Federation contacts within Congress, FAA, NASA, DoD, the State Department, and other federal agencies

Currently, over 60 businesses and organizations are members of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. Executive Members include commercial spaceflight developers, operators and spaceports. Associate Members include suppliers supporting commercial spaceflight, with recent members including suppliers of mission support services and suppliers of training, medical and life-support products and services. The CSF member organizations are listed below, and click here to learn more about each member.

Alaska Aerospace Corporation
Bigelow Aerospace
Blue Origin
Jacksonville –┬áCecil Field Spaceport
Masten Space Systems
Mojave Spaceport
Midland International Air & Spaceport
Moon Express
Orbital Outfitters
Planetary Resources
Sierra Nevada Corporation
Southwest Research Institute
Space Adventures
Space Florida
Spaceport America
Virgin Galactic
Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority
World View Enterprises
XCOR Aerospace
ARES Corporation
Arizona State University
ASRC Federal
Barrios Technology
Colorado Space Coalition
David Clark Company
Golden Spike Company
Griffin Communications
Heinlein Prize Trust
Houston Airport Systems
InterFlight Global
Jacobs Technology
MDA Corporation
Paragon SDC
Penn State Applied Research Laboratory
Planet Labs
QinetiQ North America
S3 USA Holdings
Scaled Composites
Space Coast Spaceflight Alliance
Spaceflight Services
Spaceport Sweden
Waypoint 2 Space
World View Enterprises
X PRIZE Foundation