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The Space Applications Researchers Group (SARG) is a group of researchers and educators committed to furthering the research and education potential of commercial space capabilities, including suborbital vehicles, space stations, and satellites.
The goals of SARG are to increase awareness of commercial space capabilities in the science, R&D and education communities; work with policymakers to ensure that scientists and students can have easy access to these capabilities; and generate new ideas for uses of these capabilities for science, engineering, and education missions.

For more information on the group or how to get involved, please contact Mary Guenther:


NameResearch AreaAffiliation
Dr. Addie DoveSARG Chair, Planetary SciencesUniversity of Central Florida
Dr. Steven CollicottPast SARG Chair, Microgravity PhysicsPurdue University
Dr. R. Michael BanishMicrogravity Physics University of Alabama in Huntsville
Dr. Sean BryanRemote SensingArizona State University
Dr. Marsh CuttinoAerospace Medicine and PhysiologyOrbital Medicine, Inc.
Mr. Steve Heck (USAF-ret)Education and Public OutreachArete STEM Foundation
Dr. Anna-Lisa PaulSpace Life SciencesUniversity of Florida
Mr. Bobby RussellEducation and Public OutreachQuest for Stars
Dr. Mark ShelhamerSpace Life SciencesJohns Hopkins University
Dr. H. Todd SmithSpace Physics & AeronomyThe Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Charlie WalkerHuman SpaceflightIndependent Consultant & Speaker