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Industry Voluntary Consensus Standards

The Commercial Spaceflight Federation has partnered with ASTM to work on industry voluntary consensus standards to articulate agreed upon industry-wide safety practices.

Congressional Testimony Promoting Public-Private Partnerships and ISS

President of CSF, Eric Stallmer, testified for the House’s Science, Space, and Technology Subcommittee in a hearing entitled “The ISS After 2024: Options and Impacts.” 

Stallmer spoke of the need for an extension of the Station past 2024, and for commercial expansion in order to maximize NASA’s return on investment.


Export Control Reform

CSF works with industry experts and representatives from a variety of  government agencies (including The Departments of State and Commerce) to promote modernization of Export Control policy and procedures in regards to the commercial space industry.  

In January of 2017, reform to current policies was enacted, putting us a step closer to our goal of assisting American companies to remain competitive leaders in the global market and to advance innovation and technology overall.

Promotion of Suborbital Applications Research

Increased awareness of the potential of suborbital vehicles and research through the Suborbital Applications Research Group (SARG). 

Members of SARG convened to meet with both congressional staff members and NASA officials to discuss suborbital science, research, and technology development on new platforms.