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CSF President, Eric Stallmer, Testified Before the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee

Washington D.C. – CSF President, Eric Stallmer, testified today before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on policy and regulatory issues surrounding the national air space system. Stallmer told the committee that “we close too much airspace, for too long, without real-time information available to air traffic controllers regarding the status of the launch or reentry.” He explained that the “problem is with the space launch risk analysis and air traffic control tools that the FAA uses to close airspace. Those tools are decades old, and not designed for today’s aviation or space transportation needs.”

CSF highlighted several concerns and said that the U.S. needs to invest in fixing the following problems:

  1. Obsolete tools that dictate the safety area around a launch or reentry; they are overly conservative and not dynamic;
  2. The air traffic control systems’ inability to accept data on the position and velocity of space vehicles; and
  3. The lack of a tool for space operators to share and compare their launch and reentry schedules to aviation schedules to minimize conflicting operations.

Stallmer discussed a number of related policy and regulatory challenges and reiterated the commercial spaceflight industry’s commitment to “work together across industries to address these challenges.” Click here for additional details and a copy of the full testimony.