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CSF Congratulates Sierra Nevada Corporation on the Successful Dream Chaser® Spacecraft Glide Test Flight

The Commercial Spaceflight Federation (CSF) congratulates Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) on their successful Free-Flight test of Dream Chaser at Edwards Air Force Base, CA, with support from NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center.

The test verified and validated the performance of Dream Chaser’s final approach and landing phase of flight, modeling future returns from the International Space Station. This test signifies the completion of a major milestone and moves the program one step closer to orbital flight.

“Sierra Nevada Corporation’s successful test is an exciting step towards a commercially reusable spacecraft that will service and deliver cargo to the International Space Station as well as other destinations,” said Eric Stallmer, President of CSF. “We offer our congratulations to the SNC team and NASA on this important accomplishment which will further advance commercial capabilities in space.”