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CSF Launches Patron Program To Represent Growing Commercial Space Ecosystem

The Commercial Spaceflight Federation (CSF) announced today the launch of its Patron Program, a new membership program which enables CSF to more fully represent the commercial space industry ecosystem by including the growing number of individuals investing in the industry. The Patron membership category allows for individual involvement and support of CSF, as opposed to CSF’s Executive, Associate, and Educational membership categories, which are reserved for corporations, organizations, and other groups.

The Patron Program was established by CSF Chairman of the Board Dr. Alan Stern, along with space angel investor Dylan Taylor, a Founding Patron.

“As a non-profit organization, CSF continues to evolve our programs and services and welcome the opportunity for additional voices, expertise and support at the table.” said Eric Stallmer, President of CSF. “This new opportunity for individual engagement will increase our effectiveness as the leading voice for the industry and allow us to better serve our members and the overall industry. We are greatly excited by the participation in and support of the program.”

CSF is pleased to welcome the following individuals as initial Patrons: Esther Dyson (investor in multiple entities including Space Adventures (customer), Nanoracks, World View, and XCOR Aerospace (Director)), Dylan Taylor (Global Business Executive, Space Investor, and Philanthropist), David Wallerstein (Chief Exploration Officer (CXO) and Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent), Jake Cusack (managing partner of CrossBoundary), William Miller (Chief Executive Officer at Deep Space Industries), Bella Miranda (Executive Business Coach and CEO of Galactic Haven), Nova Spivack (CEO of Magical Corporation, a science and technology venture studio), and Chad Anderson (CEO of Space Angels).

Dylan Taylor has been elected to serve a one year term as a Patron Chair and will be on the CSF Board of Directors. Bella Miranda will serve a one year term as Patron Observer, where she will attend the Board Meetings and serve in an advisory role.

Interested individuals and the media should contact Dr. Alan Stern ( to inquire about the Patrons program and membership.

More can be read about the current patrons on our website.