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CSF Applauds Blue Origin’s Announcement

CSF applauds launch company Blue Origin and commercial communications satellite operator Eutelsat on today’s exciting announcement that Blue Origin will launch a Eutelsat satellite on Blue’s New Glenn vehicle. Blue Origin revealed key details about their New Glenn orbital vehicle, including innovative new features that will launch its first commercial satellite customer, Eutelsat, and improve access for commercial satellite customers. The New Glenn is American-made rocket, with a reusable first stage, that will provide reliable, low cost access to space, and help further US preeminence in commercial launch.

“We are excited to see Blue Origin enter the commercial launch market with the American made New Glenn orbital launch system, and their first customer Eutelsat,” remarked CSF president Eric Stallmer, adding, “Blue Origin is creating high wage, high tech American jobs that enhance US competitiveness in space. Once again, US private commercial efforts are leading the way in today’s space race.”