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CSF Congratulates the New Horizons Team on their Flyby Success

Pluto System, Milky Way Galaxy – The Commercial Spaceflight Federation extends their highest regards and congratulations to the entire New Horizons team on the success of their mission!

Early this morning, at approximately 7:50 am EDT, the New Horizons Spacecraft experienced its closest approach to the dwarf planet Pluto. This occurred after a journey of over nine years and three billion miles. New Horizons is the first mission aimed at exploring the Pluto System as well as the Kuiper Belt. The mission has already provided scientists with a plethora of new information regarding both Pluto, and its largest moon, Charon, and will continue to do so following further analysis.

“CSF applauds Alan Stern and his team for their hard work, dedication, and patience that they have displayed throughout this program. It is heartening to see the benefits that are already being reaped as well as the excitement that New Horizons has garnered around the globe,” said CSF President Eric Stallmer. “Through Alan’s work at the Southwest Research Institute, World View, and Golden Spike, he continues to push the boundaries of the commercial spaceflight industry to ever higher horizons. We are lucky to have his scientific expertise within our industry.”

If you are interested in learning more about New Horizons, you can consult the mission website here.