Boston Globe, Nature, New York Times Editorial Boards Among Others Welcoming New NASA Plan

In the three weeks since President Obama’s plan for NASA was released on February 1st, a bipartisan group including governors, former legislators, astronauts, and former NASA senior managers has endorsed the new NASA plan, which has also been endorsed by over half a dozen editorial boards:

• Gov. Bill Richardson, “Commercial Spaceflight: Creating 21st Century Jobs,” Huffington Post, 2/23
• Newt Gingrich & Bob Walker, “Obama’s Brave Reboot for NASA,” Washington Times, 2/12
• James Cameron, “The Right Way Forward on Space Exploration,” Washington Post, 2/5
• Esther Dyson, “Prepare for Liftoff,” Foreign Policy, 2/8
• Buzz Aldrin, “President Obama’s JFK Moment,” Huffington Post, 2/3
• Scott Hubbard, “A Better Way to Go Where No One Has Gone Before,” San Francisco Chronicle, 2/24
• Peter Diamandis, “The Case for Private Space,” Wall Street Journal, 2/13

• Editorial board, Boston Globe, “While NASA Needs to Evolve, the Universe Still Beckons,” 2/15
• Editorial board, The Economist, “NASA’s New Mission: Space to Thrive,” 2/3
• Editorial board, Nature, “Divide and Conquer,” 2/11
• Editorial board, New York Times, “A New Space Program,” 2/8
• Editorial board, Philadelphia Inquirer, Worthy Enterprise,” 2/9
• Editorial board, Chicago Tribune, “President Obama Boldly Goes on A Different Course in Exploration,” 2/9
• Editorial board, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “NASA’s Relaunch: Obama’s Budget Brings Change for the Better,” 2/6

Note: inclusion of an op-ed or editorial in this list does not imply an endorsement of its entire content by the Commercial Spaceflight Federation.

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