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40 Years After Apollo’s “Giant Leap,” Entrepreneurs Envision a Bright Future for Spaceflight

Four decades after Neil Armstrong’s famous small step, the men and women of America’s commercial spaceflight industry are working hard to launch a new era of space exploration.

As NASA pursues new expeditions to the Moon and Mars, the commercial spaceflight sector is creating new jobs, building a new generation of low-cost launch vehicles, and developing a network of spaceports across the country.

Despite this optimistic picture of the future of space exploration, a serious problem remains. Eighteen months from now, with the retirement of the space shuttle, America will be dependent on foreign countries to put astronauts into space—sending hundreds of millions of dollars overseas.

To solve this problem, America should leverage the growing capabilities of the commercial spaceflight sector for Low Earth Orbit crew transportation.  On the 40th anniversary of Apollo, the moment is right for investment in U.S. commercial human space flight.

This message is being put forward by a new website launching today,, as well as ads today in Roll Call and Space News.

This advocacy campaign has been launched with support from: Associated Industries of Florida, Commercial Spaceflight Federation, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Esther Dyson/ED Ventures, National AeroSpace Training and Research Center (NASTAR Center), Odyssey Moon LLC, Odyssey Space Research, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Space Adventures, Space Florida, Space Frontier Foundation, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and the X-Prize Foundation.

It’s time for our nation to take the next step in space.  For more, please see

Photo credit: NASA